Musical Theater  Dance Workshop

Our summer musical theater dance workshop is for young people interested in the performing arts. Students will be introduced to strong technique in dance fundamentals as well as choreographed pieces derived from Broadway styles. For students interested in gaining dance skills for performing in Musical Theater productions, this workshop will not only enhance their dance skills but help prepare them for auditions. At the beginning of each session,  the instructor will lead students through a warm up session including stretches and core strengthening exercises to help build stamina and balance.

Rachel Trogdon has been studying classical ballet and other dance forms for over ten years, She also has experience with Irish Step Dancing and Lyrical Dance. She feels it's important her students receive instruction in a calm and focused environment. Along with detailed instruction and corrections, she feels enouragement is the most important way to help students grow in their knowledge and love of all dance forms. She will endeavor to give the students individual attention during class and make sure they are learning and performing to the best of their ability..Rachel also has a rich background in theater arts, She has acted and danced in numerous productions. She will choreograph the dance scenes for our Summer Showcase.


June 22 - August 6
Wednesday 5:30 -6:30
Ages 11 - 16
( Maximum 8 sudents)
Cost $175 (includes materials)
Musical Theater Dance Workshop