Acting ​ Classes

Welcome to acting! Our goal is to foster excellence in the performing arts while keeping our student’s safety, best interests and overall well-being at heart. 
We work to foster a safe, creative, positive and professional learning environment where students feel free to explore their own artistry while developing essential acting skills. Acting classes are taught by experienced instructors who will guide young actors with patience, creativity and laughter. Our curriculum and materials are equitable and age appropriate.

 Main Stage Players is one of our perfotrmance  programs. Participants will experience a full  production at the end of each session. They will coninue developing their acting skills with collaborative acting  and stage activities. 

Dynamic Acting I students will be introduced to basic acting skills by experienced teachers who will guide the young actors through fun 
skill building exercises to 
help them begin mastering 
the building blocks of 
dynamic acting.  Acting is a great opportunity to 
collaborate with peers and helps build confidence and
self esteem.
                    Dynamic Acting  II
Ages 9 - 13
(Spring) TBA
Cost $80/month
Materials & Costume $45

Main Stage Players
Friday  4:30 - 6:00
Cost $85/Month
Materials & Costume $45

Dynamic Acting II students should have some prior experiance in acting classes or plays. Instructors will continue to guide and help them  develop their acting skills and  learn to master the building blocks of dynamic acting.  Students will learn about hot and cold reads, audition monologues, character development, breathwork, proper emphasis and clear enunciation through improvisation and collaborative performance activities.
​​Dynamic Acting I
Wednesdy 4:00 - 5:00
Ages 9 - 12 
Cost $80/month
Materials $25

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