ERIC CHUN

This course centers on pop songwriting and includes instruction on music elements and lyrics. Students will rebuild areas in rhythm, harmony, melody, and sound. In addition, the lyrics will include areas in song format, titles, payoffs, sources, pit falls, rhyme, and rewriting. Students 
should have a background in basic music theory in both treble and bass clefs, as well as a fundamental knowledge of music reading and 
playing by rote or ear. The course is open to musicians, composers, lyricists and vocalists. The class will also include a recording session at
 Creative Music Services.

Date TBA
Thursdays 5:30  Ages 12-17
Thursdays 6:30-730  Adult

Eric Chun is the owner of Northern California’s Creative Music Services. Mr. Chun is a multi faceted, diversified musician who combines 62 years of music performance, education, and industry experience into a dynamic and innovative combination that includes studio recording, composing songwriting, music touring, television writing, film acting , and career consultation.

He graduated from Cal Lutheran University in 1000 Oaks, with a piano, flute, and percussion majors, studying under marimba virtuoso Vera Daehlin, John Nordquist, Jerry Steinholtz, John Bergamo, Steve Piazza, and many top LA musicians.

Mr. Chun stayed for 20 years in LA doing music and film acting. He is also the founder of the national recognized Commercial Music Program at American River College, and originator of the student and Sac Valley section of AES. Mr. Chun is a past board member, secretary, VP, and membership chair of the Recording Academy SF chapter.

He is a past board of West Coast Songwriters, and is currently on the BOD of N Focus Entertainment in Tustin, and California Lawyers for the Arts . Current membership includes SAG/AFTRA, NAMM, ASCAP, CLA, and the Recording Academy.

He continues to support community non profits, industry education, touring, film/ television writing, music publishing and recording, catalog licensing, and music manufacturer videos. Mr. Chun is also the founder of the regional music networking event Sac Valley Music Industry Forum. Endorsements include Drum Workshop, Sabian, Remo, Vic Firth, Majestic Percussion, Sledge Pad, Presonus, Auralex Acoustics, Hercules stands, Gator Cases, Miktek Mics, Kurzweil Keyboards, and Furman Sound.
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