Miniature Musicians

Each phase of our Miniature Musician program, Mini Musicians, Mini Songsters and Little Folks Theater promotes integration of the stimulating arts of music, dance and drama as well as related language and visual arts.  Our goal is to see each child grow through self-expression, self-realization and self-discipline.  The uninhibited child's confidence and self-esteem develops in a positive direction when he or she is allowed to create, dream, show ideas and feelings in a nurturing and caring atmosphere.  All our classes are designed to meet the needs of the whole child, emotionally, physically, socially and mentally.

Little Folks Theater (Ages 6-7)
Fall Classes TBA

The main focus of this class is to introduce fun theatre games and activities that teach basic acting skills, singing, dance movement and visual arts projects. Activities will focus on building confidence and self-esteem. The children will participate in a recital performance at the end of the session. Note: Several extra rehearsals will be required near show time. 
Cost $75 * Materials fee  $30 * Registration $20

​Beginning Musical Theater Ballet Workshop
Fall Classes TBA


This class is an introduction to the basics of ballet. Students will learn basic ballet positions and movements and gain a strong foundation for pursuing ballet and other dance forms in the future. Ballet helps with coordination, rhythm, flexibility and more. This workshop will help establish a foundation for other dance forms used in musical theater. The students will be taught in a calm and fun environment allowing individual creativity, as well as respect for themselves, their teacher, and each other. Students are required to arrive on time, dressed in a black leotard, pink tights.and ballet shoes. They will also need a water bottle..
Monthly Cost​  $45 * A drop in fee for one class is $15

Miniature Musicians  (Ages  4-5 )
  Fall Classes TBA.


Children participating in the  Miniature Musician Classes will be grouped according to age and readiness. Focus will be on  listening, singing, playing, movement, verbalizing and creating.  Melody, rhythm and basic musical skills will be introduced.  They will learn the musical alphabet and beginning Kodaly Hand Signing.  Note: Additional classes will open as other classes fill. 
Cost $75  * Materials  $40  * $20 Registration 

Mini Songsters (Ages 6-8
Fall Classes TBA

This class will focus on learning  to sing correctly with an emphasis on age-appropriate group songs. Children will learn beginning sight reading skills. See Miniature Musician overview. Note: Additional classes will open as other classes fill. 
                                                          Cost $ 75 $30 Materials Fee * $20 Registration

Early Childhood/Miniature Musician Program
To insure quality instruction, class size is limited